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Exploring Mortuary Color Theory with Frigid Fluids

This presentation explores the innovation and advancement of embalming from the viewpoint of color theory. It surveys the historical progression of the Anatomists introducing dye into the arterial system and how that progressive accomplishment created a pathway for Embalmers to modernize and elevate embalming from preservation to life-like restoration. This can be achieved through the intrinsic dye included within arterial fluids and minimize the need for superficial cosmetics post-embalming.

Amanda King


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Amanda Marie Eilis King, CFSP, MBIT, is an Embalmer and Funeral Director holding licensure inmultiple states. She completed her embalming apprenticeship under Vernie R. Fountain, as well asextensive training in postmortem reconstructive work. In addition to her AAS in Mortuary Science fromACC in Colorado, Amanda holds a B.S. from Skidmore College for Studio Art and Biology, and a PostBaccalaureate degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Her approach to Funeral Service isfrom an artistic standpoint. She is also an educator who specializes in and teaches reconstructive workand cosmetic application. Her contributions in the field outside of the funeral home include articles,illustrations, and photography for trade journals. She also does freelance work as AMEK Graphics and isan embalming specialist with Frigid Fluid Company.

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Social Media: @amek_graphics