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Dealing with Professional
and Personal Burnout

With significant workload increases, logistical complications, and the tragedy that come during a pandemic, many funeral workers find themselves nearing mental and physical burnout. Between generational differences concerning self-care and a work environment that constantly demands empathy towards others, it's rare for the helpers and caregivers of the funeral industry to find empathy, help, and care for themselves. In addition to burnout, neither secondary trauma nor compassion fatigue is rarely addressed, causing many deathcare workers to consider resignation for the sake of their own well-being. This session explores how we can better understand ourselves and our co-workers, and learn how to care for ourselves as well as we care for others. It underscores the fundamental need for personal and professional self-care as deathcare enters a post-industrial society that values transparency and emotional health above products and traditional funerals.

Caleb Wilde


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Caleb Wilde is a sixth-generation funeral director and lives in Parkesburg, PA. He has a post-graduate degree in Death, Religion, and Culture from the University of Winchester. Caleb authored the award-winning book, Confessions of a Funeral Director and the PW Star Reviewed book, All the Ways Our Dead Still Speak. He’s recently started Life Coaching for Death Care, a life coaching practice focusing on death care workers.

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