Presenter Info : Damon de la Cruz – Frigid Fluid

Better Embalming Results
with Better Modifying Agents

We will discuss how to overcome some of the challenges encountered when creating a formaldehyde solution for embalming. First, we will define and address the goals of funeral embalming. We will talk about how water can contain calcium and similar ions that will have a negative impact on embalming. We’ll explore the chemistry of these ionic compounds to see how they affect embalming and then we will look at how chemicals block interaction of these ions. We will also visit other modifying agents such as humectants and surfactants and their role in embalming and how they can offset some of the limitations of aldehyde based embalming fluids to create an optimal memory for the family. Throughout the conversation we will discuss case analysis and chemicals options for preparation and presentation of a decedent

-  We’ll take a look at where calcium comes from and how it affects the embalming process

-  Discover how surfactants provide superior distribution of embalming chemicals

-  Examine humectant options to achieve natural tissue .

Dr. Damon de la


Presenter Bio 

PhD – Frigid Fluid Director of EducationDamon is an education focused licensed funeral director and embalmer that has worked with multiple funeral service education institutions in the US and internationally.He is the creator of Embalm Calc, co-author of Turning Art Into Science: Applying Chemistry to Funeral Service, the co-creator of MorTraqr and co-owner of Tuesday Evening Publications.

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Social Media: @dr.damondelacruz