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Embalming the Autopsy Case
(2 hours)

This presentation is designed to provide licensed funeral directors and students with the knowledge and skills necessary to embalm autopsy cases with precision, professionalism, and respect. Participants will learn practical techniques in embalming autopsy cases and will experience step-by-step instructions for preparing their next autopsy case.

Embark on a transformative journey in the "Understanding Autopsy Procedures and Implications" course, where each module is a gateway to mastering the intricate art of embalming autopsy cases. From exploring legal and ethical dimensions to acquiring advanced techniques in arterial injection and restorative art, participants will emerge with a comprehensive skill set. This course not only addresses the challenges posed by autopsied bodies but empowers professionals to elevate their embalming prowess, ensuring a final appearance that exudes dignity and peace for those who have undergone autopsy procedures.

Michelle Johnston


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Michelle Johnston has been licensed as a funeral director and embalmer since 2013. She ismarried to Benjamin Johnston and has three children. She graduated from Dallas Institute of Funeral Service in 2012 and was dual licensed in 2013. She attended Fountain NationalAcademy in Springfield, Missouri to further her knowledge in Restorative Art and postmortem reconstructive surgery. She has advanced skills in both embalming and restorative art. Michelle opened East Texas Mortuary Service in Tyler, Texas in 2019 and began serving funeral homes byoffering all services, from embalming to advancedtrauma repair.

In March of 2023, she was approved by the APFSP and the State anatomical board to open herown education institution for professionals. That Institution is named Johnston Embalming &Reconstructive Institute. Michelle currently holds multiple positions within the Texas FuneralDirectors Association.

Michelle strives to change the narrative in the industry from closed caskets to the possibility ofopen caskets under any circumstance. In 2021, she was awarded the East Texas Embalmer ofthe Year award and has been invited to speak on many platforms, including Fountain NationalAcademy Biennial International Embalming & Reconstructive Surgery Conference forProfessional Embalmers in 2022, teaching new techniques to embalmers and students

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