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Formaldehyde is an effective embalming chemical, but it works better on a team! In this webinar we will discuss navigating common embalming challenges using supplemental chemicals such as triethnolamine, alcohols, and lanolin. Mel will also share some of her trade secrets on how to put the finishing touches using some of her favorite accessory chemicals.


Madeline Lyles


Madeline is a native of Memphis, TN. She’s a graduate of Hamilton High, University of Memphis (where she created a degree in Funeral Services and Management), and Northwest MS Comm. College.

Madeline has been caring for decedents her entire career, from mortuary and funeral services to forensics. Madeline has been a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer in the state of TN for 16 years now. She’s also been dual licensed for the state of Arkansas more than 12 years, and recently became dual licensed for Mississippi as well. Madeline is an Embalming Specialist for Frigid Fluid Co., and affectionately known in the profession and throughout the Mid South as Mel the Mortician.

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Social Media: @mel.the.mortician

Ben Schmidt


Ben Schmidt, MBIT is a licensed funeral director and embalmer who has been a funeral service educator for 8 years at two mortuary colleges where he focuses on funeral sciences. He is a member of the Belgian Institute of Thanatopraxie, the co-author of Creating Natural Form; Restorative Art Theory and Application, the co-creator of the MorTraqr task tracking app, a consultant at Raven Plume, and the host of The Funeral Science Podcast and The Funeralcast.

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Social Media: @mortraqr and @thefuneralcast on Instagram