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Pharos | Cavity Fluid | 24 pk


  • Pharos cavity fluid is our highest index (index 36) fluid.
  • Provides rapid set-up and is extremely effective on posted cases.
  • Formulated with additional organic germicides.
  • Used by embalmers who prefer the exceptional tissue firmness provided by the high formaldehyde content.
  • Contains Phenol, so useful when looking to cauterize during surface embalming

Embalmer's tips:

  • Our go-to cavity fluid for autopsies. It's so strong, if you put one bottle in the viscera bag before embalming, by the time you've finished injecting, the viscera will have taken shape to whatever you have it resting in.
  • Useful to dry out lacerations and gun shot wounds
  • Produces a great surface for restorative art needs and applications.
  • Pharos can also be used on skin slip and areas where blisters were, just release the fluid from the blister and apply a pack to that skin. It will dry out and adhere the skin back to the surface. 

Price is for a 24pk case of 16oz/473ml bottles

(36 index)


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  • Cavity
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