Upcoming Events
06/21/24 At 8PM EST
Webinar: Mortuary Color Theory using Frigid Cosmetics
Presenting a practical application demo alongside mortuary color theory considerations.
8/07/24 AT 9AM PST
WEBINAR: Fluid Dynamics With Damon de la Cruz
In this presentation we will do a deep dive into the most common embalming preservative/disinfectant...
12/08/24 AT 9AM PST
WEBINAR: Enhancing Preservation With Dr. Damon de la Cruz
The Synergy of Modifying Agents in Optimizing Embalming Chemical Performance With Damon de la Cruz
09/09/24 AT 9AM PST
Webinar: Urotropin Unveiled With Dr. Damon de la Cruz
Urotropin Unveiled: Understanding the role of Formaldehyde and Nitrogen in Embalming and Decomposition
September 1st, 2024
Frigid 5k & 10k Virtual Run
Join the 4th Annual "Frigid 5k & 10K Virtual Run" From wherever you are: your...

Embalming Videos

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