Frigid Fluid manufactures a superior line of cemetery and embalming products in Chicago, IL USA. With a tradition of quality and innovation spanning over 130 years, out team is dedicated to providing the best products on the market. As a distributor for FRIGID FLUID, you will benefit from an access to:

  • Internationally recognized brands
  • Competitive, quality products
  • Knowledgeable representatives
  • Durable parts and accessories
  • Service and training opportunities
  • Marketing and social media support
  • Access to educational videos
  • International educational conferences
  • Trade show support
  • Profitable discount structures

Our durable and low-maintenance products, along with dependable technical support and prompt deliveries, will give you a competitive edge in your local funeral service market. If you are professional, experienced, business minded, and committed to superior customer service and ongoing training, we would like to hear from you! Please fill out the form below and we will contact you if there is an opening in your desired market.

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