Frigid Fluid Company

Frigid Fluid is a leading manufacturing company with a distinguished history dating back to 1892. Founded by Adelbert R. Krum, the company is now in its fifth generation of family ownership, with Brian Yeazel at the helm. Frigid Fluid is known for its innovative spirit, having developed groundbreaking products such as the automatic casket lowering device, silicone technology in arterial fluids, and a new embalming machine. Committed to meeting the needs of its customers, Frigid Fluid strives to produce high-quality products that help them succeed. With a strong focus on customer service and a long legacy of innovation, Frigid Fluid is a trusted partner for professionals in its field.

Historical Timeline

With a founding date of 1892, the company has a long history in the industry and is proud of its historical highlights. Please take a moment to review some of our achievements:
1892 - New Beginnings
Frigid is born when Adelbert R. Krum starts the business under the name of Chicago Chemical & Manufacturing Co. Operating out of a 14 x 14 barn, he made and marketed an embalming fluid to which he gave the trade name Frigid.
1901 - Frigid Fluid Offical
Frigid Fluid Company officially replaces Chicago Chemical & Manufacturing Co. as the name of the firm to coincide with the Frigid trade name.
1902 - Incorporation
Incorporation of Frigid Fluid in the State of Illinois.
1914 - Patent
US patent 1109538 awarded to Frigid Fluid for the invention of the casket lowering device.
1917 - Business Expansion
President Jennie M. Krum is known as an innovator in the funeral home industry. She increases business and expands the product line.
1945 - President Franklin D. Roosevelt
President Franklin D. Roosevelt is buried using the Frigid Standard Lowering Device.
1949 - Master
Invention & Patent of the Master model lowering device.
1955 - Imperial
Invention & Patent of the Imperial model lowering device.
1959 - Streamliner
Invention & Patent of the mobile lowering device stand known as the Streamliner.
1982 - Premium
Development & Introduction of the Premium line of embalming fluids: Premium Cavity and Premium Jaundice.
Silicone Technology
Development & Introduction of the Frigid Silicone Technology line of embalming fluids: 36 Plus, Perfect Tone, Natural Tone and X-20.
2013 - 5th Generation
5th Generation of the family takes the helm with Brian Yeazel, President.
2013 - Silitech
Silitech trademark awarded to Frigid Fluid for its top-selling line of the Silicone Technology embalming fluids.
2016 - CE Certification
Frigid attains CE Certification on its world-class line of casket lowering devices.
2017 – Asset purchase of Hizone Chemical Company
A deal was brokered to purchase key products made by Hizone Chemical company, Paulex Powder, Formalin Cream, Skin Seal and Pharos Cavity. The popular products are now manufactured by Frigid.
2020 – Patent filed for Mix/Clean Port and Smart Lid
Novel features of the Frigid Embalming Machine are developed and filed for patents. The Mix/Clean port enables embalmers to get true top downmixing of the solution and the smart lid allows easy access to the tank, limiting exposure to the fumes.
2022 – Launch of the Frigid Embalming Machine:
Frigid continues its rich history of innovation with a brand new product, the beautiful Frigid Embalming Machine. The machine provides embalmers the freedom to inject any chemical, relays information through digital displays, and is available in any color.