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Cream Cosmetic Foundation


Achieve a seamless and natural appearance with our Cream Foundation. Specially formulated for embalmers who value authenticity, this foundation provides flawless coverage while maintaining the lifelike hues of the deceased. Say goodbye to artificial looks and hello to a gentle, natural glow. 
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NIce Product

Incredibly, creamy consistency. Stiples well and blends easily.

Indispensable Game Changer

I recently had the pleasure of trying out the new mortuary cosmetic from Frigid Fluid Co., and I must say, it has completely revolutionized my preparation process. This product is an absolute game-changer!

First and foremost, I am thrilled with the exceptional quality of this cosmetic. It strikes the perfect balance between being creamy and not overly thick, making it incredibly easy to work with. The texture ensures smooth application without any clumping or streaking, which is essential for achieving a flawless finish.

One of the standout features of this cosmetic is its hydrating properties. Unlike other products that can leave the skin looking powdery or caked, this one contains a lovely hydrant that imparts a natural, radiant glow. The result is skin that appears lifelike and luminous, enhancing the overall presentation of the deceased.

Not only does this cosmetic deliver outstanding results, but it also saves me a considerable amount of time during the preparation process. Its effortless application and ability to create a natural appearance mean that I can achieve the desired look more efficiently, allowing me to focus on other important aspects of my work.

I cannot express how delighted I am with this new product from Frigid Fluid Co. It has exceeded all of my expectations and has quickly become an indispensable tool in my profession. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend this mortuary cosmetic to anyone in the industry. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Lauren Brunke

This is literally the BEST product I've used for facial cosmetics. The foundation has phenomenal coverage and it's buildable, which is perfect for cases that may not need much and others that need a lot of help. The feeling doesn't feel sticky or cakey at all and the color blends perfectly. Absolutely love.