Flat-Rate Repair

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We have streamlined the entire repair process to make it easier and more reliable for you. The flat rate repair includes all repair parts, labor and a 1 year warranty on parts. 

The device refinishing option consists of disassembling the entire device, hand polishing the heads, covers, and side rails, and reassembling the entire device as new. *Only available on stainless steel devices.

Click Here for Instructions on How to send your Device in for repair

Flat Rate Device Repair

Frigid offers a flate rate device repair for all casket lowering device operating ends. This speeds up the process and reduces the time you are without your device. The flat rate repair includes the cost of shipment to and from your location, full inspection, repair, grease and oil and operational safety check of your Frigid device. We also offer an optional full-device refinishing, which includes all of the above, plus a full service grind, buff and polish of all exterior components of the device. A full device service and refinish gets your device looking and working, like new. Click the link below for instructions on how to send your device in for repair. If you have any further questions, call us at 708-836-1215.

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