How to Oil and Lube a Frigid Lowering Device

Step by step directions on how to lubricate a Frigid Casket Lowering Device.

How to Install a Frigid Casket Placer Set

This video provides instruction on how to install a Frigid Stainless Steel Casket Placer Set on a Frigid Lowering Device.

The Frigid Streamliner Mobile Set up Cart

This video is demonstrating how to properly use the Frigid Streamliner Mobile Stand and Casket Carrier.

The Frigid Infant/Urn Lowering Device Set Up

Step by step instructions on setting up a Frigid Infant/Urn Lowering Device, 3-in-1 combo.

The Frigid Fluid Hercules Lift

The Frigid Fluid Hercules Lift is used to raise and lower heavy vaults, assist in exhuming caskets, and positioning heavy monuments.

How to Wind Up the Chains on the Frigid Vault Lid Placer

Quick video of the proper technique of winding the chains on the Frigid Vault Lid Placer.

How to Adjust the Speed Control on a Frigid Casket Lowering Device

Is your device lowering caskets at an improper speed? Watch this video on how to adjust the speed controls of your device.

How to Remove the Operating End of a Frigid Casket Lowering Device

This video provides instructions on how to remove, package and send in your Frigid Casket Lowering Device for repair.


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