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The Frigid Embalming Machine

SKU: 3-EMB03

  • Embalm with your fluid of choice
  • Patent-pending Mix/Self-Clean
  • Custom-designed laboratory-strength Borosilicate Glass Tank
  • Patent-pending Smart Lid
  • Hydraulic Flow Sensor
  • Dual Digital Displays
  • On Display Temperature
  • Internationally Tested and Certified
  • The Embalming Machine includes: Embalming Machine, Smart Lid, Tank Filter, Port Filter, 11 foot long high-pressure hose with built-in stop cock and a 12-32 female threaded hub (Will fit all standard threaded hub embalming instruments)
  • 1 Custom Frigid Embalming Machine Stress Ball inside the box!

 Need Help Picking a RAL Color for your custom colored Embalming Machine? Browse RAL colors and codes here!

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Frigid Embalming Machine


  • Pressure range: 0 – 105 psi (0 - 724 kPa)
  • Flow range: 0 – 80 oz/min. (0 - 2.36 liters/minute)
  • Five distinct modes: Off/Gravity Embalm, Mix, Clean, Inject and Pulse (24 pulses per minute).
  • Clearly visible Imperial/metric graduated tank with max capacity of 3 gallons or 12 Liters, respectively.
  • Includes high pressure hose
  • Dimensions: 15.2” W x 19.3” H x 14.3” D (38,6 x 36,3 x 49 cm)
  • Weight: 40 lbs (18 kg)
  • Available in both 115 Volt & 230 Volt
  • 2 year warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tiffani L.
Amazing Machine

I needed a machine that could handle the fluids we use for anatomical embalming. My older duotronic was breaking down every other week. Now I don't worry about the fluids I use. Seeing a digital display of flow and pressure is very helpful. I can actually hear myself think now, it is so quiet!

Jim W
Best Embalming Machine I have ever used

I have used duotronic and porti-boy machines and although they work, they are old and hard to fix in a timely manner. Part of the reason I choose this machine was because I could fix it myself if needed rather than wait months for someone to get to it. Had no idea that this machine would be so quiet and easy to clean. The digital read out for flow and pressure is fast and extremely helpful, letting me know if there are any issues with flow. This is a step above the rest and I highly recommend this machine.

Morgan M

The innovative Frigid Embalming Machine is the most precise product yet. No more loud clangy pumps that don't give accurate gauge readings. This machine will have other embalmers wanting to be in your prep room.