Onsite service repair
Onsite service repair
Onsite service training and repair

Device Services

Optimize your burial services and ensure safe operation of your casket lowering equipment with Frigid On-site services!

Invest in the best, choose Frigid Certified Service.

With high turnover rates among cemetery staff, maintaining and operating lowering devices has become a growing concern. But now, Frigid will do the work for you: Our experienced technicians will come directly to your location, conducting a thorough inspection and repair of your equipment to ensure they meet our high service standards. We can take care of regularly scheduled maintenance for you, or train your staff for self-sufficiency. Partnering with Frigid allows you to enhance the quality of your burial services, foster employee engagement, and protect against potential gravesite accidents.

Frigid provides the following on-site services:

  • Device Repair
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance visits
  • New Equipment setup and operator's training
  • Preventative maintenance training
Frigid can quote services as needed, or develop a service plan that fits your budget. Contact Frigid to learn more or setup a time for us to visit.

Not interested in an on-site repair? Frigid also offers a flat rate repair service for your aging casket lowering device. Click Here for More Information

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