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36 Plus | Silitech | Arterial Fluid | 24pk

SKU: 1-36PL

Our Best Selling Embalming Fluid. Combines well with any other fluid to add firmness without losing the natural skin pliability that SILITECH provides. Assures preservation and pleasing results with both normal and difficult cases. It is particularly effective on frozen, decomposed and other challenging cases. 


  • The lubricating, diffusing and penetrating advantages of SILITECH.
  • The addition of Frigid STOP to prevent the causes of tissue gas.
  • A water conditioner to neutralize calcium ions and soften hard water.
  • In total: Four stacked surfactants to eliminate capillary surface tension and provide best-in-class distribution and diffusion
  • A high, 33 index to ensure preservation.

Embalmer's tips:

  • The best arterial penetration by far, it fills features completely leaving a long term, natural appearance and contains dye that does not fade. 
  • Don't be scared off by the index... Acts more like a mid than high index. An absolute must-have in the prep room! 
  • If you're new to Frigid you've got to try this one!! 

    Note: 36 PLUS is not recommended for a prep room attached to a septic system for which we recommend lanolin-based Tissue Guard 32.

    Price is for 24pk case of 16oz/473ml

    SKU: 1-36PL (33index)

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    Product Specifications

    Product Information

    SKU 1-36PL
    Fluid Type
    • Arterial Fluid
    • Silitech Fluid
    • All-Purpose Fluid
    Fluid Index 33 Index
    Bottle Size 16 oz
    Case Size 24 pk
    Unit weight 31 lb
    Recommended Used For
    • Normal Case
    • Tissue Gas
    • Edema
    • Jaundice
    Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

    Product Information

    Product Name 36 Plus | Silitech | Arterial Fluid | 24pk - Default Title
    SKU 1-36PL
    Components 31 lb

    Device Information

    Minimum Dimensions
    Maximum Dimensions
    Maximum Capacity

    Usage Guide

    36 Plus (33 index, Silitech)Normal cases, where normal firmness is desired: use 6 or 8 ounces in the first gallon of cool water. The number of ounces of fluid can be adjusted in the second and subsequent gallons of diluted fluid as determined by body condition and the desires of the embalmer. For a high degree of firmness: use 8 to 10 ounces of 36 Plus per gallon of water. Difficult bodies, and where there is evidence of extensive chemotherapy or decomposition: 16 to 32 ounces of 36 Plus may be used. After injection of the first gallon of diluted fluid, the embalmer should proceed as professional judgment dictates. Special Circumstances:
    • If the body displays medium to severe discoloration of the face and hands, it is best to start with a mild solution to clear lividity, then increase strength to desired firmness.
    • Use Water/Clot Guard when moderate to heavy clotting is anticipated or distribution seems to be poor.
    • Free Flo or Plasma Flo may be used as a co-injection if congealed or clotted blood is anticipated.
    Attention: Use Tissue Guard 32 in place of 36 Plus if your prep room is attached to a septic system due to the fact that ethylene dichloride has been deemed unsafe for septic systems.Other Considerations: In hard water areas: add 2 to 4 ounces per gallon of Water/Clot Guard.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    CW Burruss

    36 Plus | Silitech | Arterial Fluid | 24pk

    Jeremy Wheless

    36 Plus | Silitech | Arterial Fluid | 24pk

    Gary Rigdon
    36 Plus

    Over the last few years, I have tried just about every arterial fluid from every company that I could get my hands on in an effort to not only achieve great preservation but also get an excellent cosmetic effect for the families we serve. I have not been disappointed in any fluid from Frigid that I have tried, but 36 Plus has stood out above the rest. I have consistently had better clearing than expected and fantastic preservation without the drying out and discolorations that a traditional embalming fluid can often have.

    The color left behind is incredibly consistent and subtle. With some arterial fluids, the color from the day of embalming to the day of viewing fades by several shades. With 36 Plus this has never happened to me. People look just as good the day of embalming as they do a week or more later. The application of cosmetics after using this product has been a breeze, with little to no cosmetics needed for men and a fantastic base for women. I have also noticed that with the fluids with lanolin and Silitech the reapplication of cosmetics has been dramatically reduced.

    36 Plus has quickly become my favorite fluid to use for normal and difficult cases alike.


    This fluid is absolutely AMAZING. It gives the embalmer the confidence they need to do their best.

    D D Watson