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Embalming Machine Stress Ball - Summer Collection, 4pk


Meet the "Frigid Embalming Machine Squishy" - Your Fun Stress Relief Friend!

Feeling stressed? Let the "Frigid Embalming Machine Squishy" help! This cool stress ball looks just like our famous embalming machine, and it's perfect for anyone who needs a fun way to relax.

4 pack includes entire Summer Collection (4 individual stress balls):

Mortuary Mint, Sky Blue, Creamsicle, and Perfect Tone Pink


Squish Stress Away: Made from super soft material, this squishy is perfect for squeezing. When you're feeling stressed, just give it a good squeeze and feel better!

Fun Design: It's a small copy of our embalming machine, with lots of neat details. It fits right in your hand and is sure to make you smile.

Strong and Long-Lasting: This squishy is made to be squeezed a lot and still last a long time. It's like having a small, fun piece of our machine that you can always keep with you.

 A Unique Gift: It's a great gift for people who work in funeral homes or anyone who likes unusual things. It's a different and fun way to show you care.

Take it Everywhere: It's light and small, so you can bring it with you wherever you go. Keep it at work, in your car, or anywhere you might need a quick stress break.

Why Choose the "Frigid Embalming Machine Squishy"?

In the funeral business, things can get serious. That's why we made something to bring a little fun and laughter into your day. This stress ball is not just a great way to start a chat, but also a funny way to feel less stressed. Sometimes, a good laugh is all you need!

Grab your "Frigid Embalming Machine Squishy" now and make stress a thing of the past!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Alan Atkielski

Great quality and Size. I just wish that
the base was black or silver for less glitz .

Alan Atkielski

Absolutely one of the best things I have on the desktop, I think I’m going to order the rest of the colors. In a lot of ways I wish there was a little bit larger, but no complaints. So fun to watch people ask what is that? And then you tell him what it is.
You should definitely have these at the train shows when you go around nationwide. Would be a great seller I think.

Aiden McDonough
Stress relief in one small tank

I love this quirky little addition to my embalmer collection (hoard). It’s super cute and pleasant to squeeze when you need it. The details are there and the shape makes it fun to handle rather than the usual plain old ball.

Joseph McDonnell
The best,Frigid, the best.

Much better than anticipated. I should have ordered all three colors.

Morgan Deavers
A wonderful Thing!

My Girlfriend and I love the Frigid Emabalming machine stress ball I cannot wait to try the Frigid embalming machine one day! :)! Great Job Frigid