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Leak Guard | Supplemental Fluid | 12pk



  • Specifically designed to prevent leakage of body fluids and to pull excessive moisture from the body through the combination of an effective pore closer, a proven moisture reducer, a tissue hardener, and an effective firming agent for jaundice cases.
  • To assist the preservation of the body, a powerful, non-formaldehyde disinfectant (glutaraldehyde) is included so that Leak Guard can be injected directly into tissue or used in conjunction with an arterial fluid.
  • Especially applicable with badly bloated or water-logged bodies.

Embalmer's tips:

  • The fluid is very effective. Only 8-10oz per gallon is needed for a normal sized body. If larger, one bottle is sufficient.
  • Does not result in beading of fluid on the body like you can get from other chemical manufacturer's edema fluids. 

Price is for a 12pk case of 16oz/473ml bottles


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    Usage Instructions

    Leak Guard

    We recommend Leak Guard be used with the last gallon or two of diluted arterial fluid.

    Depending upon the degree of leakage protection required, add 5 to 10 ounces of Leak Guard to each gallon of remaining diluted fluid. Be sure to mix thoroughly.

    Special Circumstances:

    Cases displaying Edema: For Low to Moderate Edema use 8-10 ounces per gallon as a co-injection in the last gallon or two of
    diluted arterial solution using open drainage technique.

    For Moderate to Severe Edema may require 12-16 ounces of Leak Guard per gallon of diluted
    arterial solution.

    Other Considerations:

    For optimal disinfection 4 to 6 ounces of Water/Clot Guard could be added with the Leak Guard. Injection is best at a low pressure and modest flow rate using a pulsator. As each case will vary according to the condition of the body, the above recommendations can be altered as professional judgment dictates.

    Additional Uses:

    Leak Guard can also be used to enhance the firming action of cavity fluids and autopsy compounds. It is compatible with fluids containing less than 20% alcohols.

    Leak Guard may also be used as an effective pore closer on skin donor cases at 8-10 ounces per gallon in the last gallon of diluted arterial solution using intermittent drainage technique.

    Customer Reviews

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    So far so good

    I like it better than Edema Eliminator, and Xeros Edema Factor. But I need more cases to determine if I am completely sold on it being the best on the market. For now I will continue to use it to give it a fair shot.