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Premium Cavity | Contains Stop | 24 pk



  • Low odor cavity fluid providing:
    • Excellent deep penetration.
    • Effective preservation.
    • Broad spectrum disinfection.
  • Contains "Frigid STOP" to control tissue gas and vermin.
  • Excellent disinfectant properties of glutaraldehyde.

Embalmer's tips:

  • We absolutely LOVE that it has STOP in it. Gives further assurance of care, especially for ship outs.
  • Our go-to fluid for use under the eyelids and in the jaws, and for bedsores.
  • The vapor is pleasant compared to other cavity fluids and it does an excellent job eliminating the bad odor bed sores can cause. 

Price is for a 24pk case of 16oz/473ml bottles

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Product Information

Fluid Type
  • Cavity
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Product Information

Product Name Premium Cavity | Contains Stop | 24 pk - Default Title

Device Information

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Usage Instructions

Premium Cavity (7 index)

Normal cases: 2 pints.

Larger bodies: may require 3 pints.

Special Circumstances:
For bodies where decomposition is already underway, 3 or more pints may be needed

Other Considerations:
Premium Cavity contains ethylene dichloride which has recently been deemed unsafe for use in septic systems. If your prep room is attached to a septic system you should substitute with CAVITY 55.

Additional Uses:
For tissue gas cases, apply or inject the concentrated fluid directly on or into the affected area.