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Vis-O-Guard Gel | Surface Embalming Gel | Sold Individually



  • Developed for cases requiring deep penetration and odor control.
  • A surface embalming material of high viscosity designed to cling to tissue.
  • Deodorizes and preserves putrid tissue as well as areas of the body that lack arterial distribution.
  • Use to preserve the contents of viscera bags.
  • Vis-O-Guard Gel's pink color allows it to be utilized on the face.

Embalmer's tips:

  • Partners well with Hardening Compound or Sta-Seal
  • Use inside the flaps and cranium on autopsies, excellent for skin slip, bedsores or abrasions. 

2lb/0.907 kg jar


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Vis-O-Guard Gel is a highly effective preservative gel that has been colored pink to protect against adverse discolorations  sometimes seen when using similar products. Its an excellent choice when normal arterial embalming just won’t work. Application: to be used on abrasions, skin slip, eyelids, lips, inside the cavities of autopsied remains, bone donor cases decubitus ulcers  and any area of the body that needs that extra preservation and deodorizations.

Customer Reviews

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Louis Armstrong
Vis O Guard

This is definitely handy around the prep room. Can be used on autopsy cases, we use it on all cases that come in with bed sores as well as gunshot wounds. If you do not have this in your prep room, you are missing out. When Santa askes what I want for Christmas, I always tell him Frigid.